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Find out more about what we do along with background and information on your photography course tutor.



Photography workshops with a professional photographer that will teach you how to get the most out of your camera and give your photos that professional look!



Our work is broken down into a variety of galleries to make it easier to find the kind of work you are interested in.



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Photography Courses Sydney

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced amateur photographer looking to take your skills to another level, Veridium Photography Courses Sydney has the perfect course for you.

Digital Photography Has Never Been Easier!

Digital photography has enjoyed a huge boom in recent years, thanks to manufacturers across the world competing to bring equipment prices down and produce a vast range of user-friendly cameras and all manner of smart technology to complement them.

Photography Course Overview

Every course begins with a detailed explanation of a digital SLR’s features, its primary functions and its most important controls. This is where you will start to understand the relationship between shutter speeds, lens aperture (the mysterious f-number!) and ISO, and how they combine to determine the resultant image. When bringing your own camera to the class, you will need to remember to also bring the instruction manual that came with it, as some models are idiosyncratic in design and we don’t want to waste your valuable time trawling through various menu options. Read More…

Today there are so many new ways to view, store, edit and share your images. It’s now perfectly possible to take a great picture of a wedding in Sydney, use inbuilt software to edit it, and then immediately send it to your relatives on the other side of the planet!

Take Photos Like a Professional

Although these quantum leaps in photographic technology have vastly improved the ease and accessibility of photography, they can’t really compensate for a user’s lack of knowledge in how to properly compose and frame a shot – the fabled ‘photographer’s eye’ as it is often known. With some fortunate individuals this is an innate ability but for most of us it requires some degree of coaching, which is where Veridium’s excellent training courses come in.

When you attend a Veridium Photography Course in Sydney you quickly realise that our aim is to build your confidence to the point that you can turn off the ‘auto’ setting on your camera and start to create your own unique images. With classes limited to eight individuals, we ensure that there’s plenty of time to give everyone the personal attention they need, and we are only too happy to spend a little more time on any areas you happen find particularly challenging.

Learn From Renowned Sydney Photographer Courtney Keating

Led by internationally renowned Sydney Photography expert Courtney Keating, a Veridium photography course offers students the chance to directly benefit from the experience Courtney has built up over several decades, in the many and varied aspects of the photographer’s art. A quick glance at the Galleries area of this site will verify the flair and technical control Courtney has over the medium, be it studio fashion shoots, lifestyle, landscape, food, or even notoriously challenging subjects like sports photography.

As a successful stock photographer, who regularly sells over 15,000 images a year through major photo archives like Getty Images and iStock, Courtney combines his knowhow and passion for photography with a relaxed but highly effective teaching style. He carefully plans all his courses, so that students don’t become overburdened with technical information, but instead learn enough to enable them to make full use of their DSLR’s, so they can turn their weekend amateur photography exploits from ‘happy snaps’ into ‘art’.

Choose the Photography Course That’s Right for You

At Veridium we help you choose the right course to match your photography goals.

Our students come from all walks of life and have various different needs, aspirations and time constraints. This is why we offer both full day photography courses and half-day photography courses to fit in with your busy lifestyle, while also offering one-on-one private tuition with company director, Courtney Keating, for those who have specific learning requirements or where time is of the essence.

Once you are familiar and comfortable with the numerous components and menus of your DSLR camera, Courtney will proceed to explain how these can be applied to a variety of real life scenarios for optimum results. This is your introduction to essential concepts like depth-of-field, lighting, exposure, the rule-of-thirds, shot composition and veiwpoint. We feel that it’s crucial that you master these basic rules of photography before you let your own creative instincts loose.

Throughout the course you will not only be learning the recognised techniques on the syllabus for improving your images, but also receiving a whole host of tips and hints for getting the most out of your camera and its subjects. It’s a very relaxed learning environment and you will have plenty of opportunities to chat one-on-one with Courtney during the course to benefit from the many valuable pearls of wisdom he’s acquired over decades in the industry. For example: how do you capture real character in a portrait shot and get your subject to appear natural and relaxed? How do you prevent blurring caused by camera-shake? How do you create a sharp image of your subject but create a stylish background blur at the same time? How do you avoid annoying redeye? What is the rule of thirds anyway? These are just some of the many questions that will be answered during the photography course. (But we’re sure you’ll have many more!)

For more information regarding the different photography courses visit the course list page.

Specialised Photo Courses and Private Tuition

Perhaps you’re an experienced amateur, who knows their way around a camera and all the basic techniques, but wants to further explore specific areas of photography? Maybe you’d like to learn more about fashion, studio photography, landscapes or still life? In this case we recommend that you sign up for private tuition with Courtney. You can even receive a 45% discount if you’d like to bring along a friend or partner.

Night Photography Course

We also offer a specific 3-hour Night Photography Course for those with a bent for the dark and atmospheric. Imagine capturing the unique splendour of Sydney landmarks like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge after the sun goes down. Perhaps you could even use the Sydney Tower as a vantage point for shooting spectacular panoramas of the city at night. Or maybe you want to wander around The Rocks in the labyrinthine back-alleys and historical walkways? Whatever it is you want to photograph, Courtney can show you how best to capture the city and its occupants at night.

Book a Sydney Photography Course Today!

So whether you are a real estate agent looking to take better pictures of your property portfolio; a back-packer looking to improve the quality of your travel shots; a proud parent hoping to capture better images of your kids’ birthday party; a retiree looking for a new hobby; or perhaps even a corporate professional who’s at a crossroads in their life and considering a new career in the photographic arts – Veridium’s Sydney Photography Courses provide the best photographic learning experience available.

Simply call us today on 02 9428 2002 or 0411 758 747 to book, or else drop us a line via our Contact Page.